UnBranded Fuel

Rogers Petroleum is a proud distributor of high quality, ASTM certified unbranded fuels. Our commitment to and knowledge of unbranded fuels is verified by our continued growth in this business segment. Please contact us with any questions regarding our unbranded gasoline and diesel fuel products. Call (800) 264-7460 and let a friendly sales representative help you with your fuel needs.

Our unbranded convenience store, commercial, and industrial customers receive competitively priced high quality products without the many requirements of a branded program, while our commercial and industrial customers receive competitively priced products that can be blended with additives or bio fuels to meet their specific needs. Rogers Petroleum distributes all non ethanol gasoline grades, E10 gasoline grades, on and off road diesel fuels, bio fuels (including ethanol and biodiesel), and kerosene in unbranded bulk capacities.

Our knowledgeable sales team is backed by multiple terminals, a network of refineries, and a team of employees that want to help your business reach its full potential. Here at Rogers Petroleum, we are dedicated to outstanding customer service, on-time and stress-free deliveries, and competitive pricing. Our unbranded fuel options give our customers the freedom to choose the right product for their business. We can deliver these unbranded petroleum products anywhere in the US through our common carrier service and our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week delivery service.

Available UnBranded Gasoline

  • Non-ethanol gasoline octane grades 87,89, and 93
  • E10 gasoline octane grades 87,89, and 93

Available UnBranded Diesel Fuel

  • On Road ULSD Fuel (Clear)
  • On Road ULSD Fuel (Dyed)