Rogers Petroleum has taken important steps in assuring environmental stewardship by introducing biofuels into its available product line. Biofuels, unlike other renewable energy resources, can be converted directly into liquid fuels. The two most common forms of bio fuels are ethanol and biodiesel. Rogers Petroleum’s full line of unbranded biofuels, including Ethanol, E10 octane graded gasoline, E85 and biodiesel, help all drivers reduce their carbon footprint. The growth of ethanol infused fuels and biodiesel fuels in recent years has led to a surge in environmental consciousness within the transportation and fuel industries. Please contact us with any questions regarding our BioFuel products. Call (800) 264-7460 and let a friendly sales representative help you with your fuel needs.

Ethanol/Ethanol Blended Gasoline

Ethanol is formed through the fermentation of starches and sugars such as corn, wheat and potatoes. At its purest form, ethanol can be used as fuel. However, it is more commonly used as a gasoline additive to increase octane grades, reduce carbon monoxide and other harmful agents, and offer a more cost efficient fuel option to consumers. Ethanol can be mixed at any percentage with unleaded gasoline. In fact, Flex Fuel engines are designed to run on E85, which contains a higher ethanol content than regular gasoline. Ethanol is specifically formulated with a smaller energy density in comparison to regular gasoline. This means that it takes more gasoline (both volume and mass) to produce the same amount of energy as a lesser amount of ethanol infused gasoline. Ethanol blended gasoline, therefore, offers customers a more environmentally-friendly and economical option for fuel.

Available UnBranded Ethanol Products

  • Ethanol
  • E10 gasoline octane grades 87,89, and 93
  • E85


Rogers Petroleum carries biodiesel as an environmentally-friendly fuel option for diesel engines. Biodiesel fuels are produced from oils or fats through a process called transesterification. Like ethanol, biodiesel can be used as diesel fuel in its pure form, but it is typically used as a diesel fuel additive to help reduce environmentally harmful particulates such as carbon monoxide. Biodiesel fuels can be used in any diesel engine when blended, and are safe to handle and transport. In fact, biodiesel fuels are as biodegradable as sugar, are 10 times less toxic than salt, and have a high flash point of 300° F. Biodiesel fuels are therefore a safe and environmentally-friendly option for diesel engine owners.

Available UnBranded BioDiesel Products

  • BioDiesel fuel blended