Rogers Petroleum is a proud carrier of ValvTect additives for fuels and ULSD fuels. These additives have been proven to protect your engine and improve overall performance. Rogers Petroleum carries marine fuel additives, diesel guard winter fuel additives and lubricity improver. Please visit for more information. Please contact us with any questions regarding our additive products. Call (800) 264-7460 and let a friendly sales representative help you with your fuel needs.

ValvTect Ethanol Gasoline Treatment

Rogers Petroleum distributes marine fuels that have been blended with ValvTect brand marine additives. In order to make ethanol-based gasoline safe for boat engines, a marine-specific additive must be blended into ethanol-based gasoline before use. Rogers Petroleum is proud to carry ValvTect marine additives for our customers. ValvTect is a trusted name in marine additives and products.

ValvTect Ethanol Gasoline Treatment is proven to stabilize the gasoline specifically for marine use. This additive also prevents corrosion, reduces octane loss, cleans carbon deposits on the engine and controls overall moisture. Our trained technicians blend the ValvTect marine additives with our unbranded gasoline onsite before distribution.

ValvTect Bioguard™ Marine Fuel Additives

Rogers Petroleum also carries the marine fuel additive, ValvTect Bioguard. Bioguard contains micro-biocide, which keeps fuel free of bacteria, fungi, and algae that can plug an engine’s fuel filters. Bioguard and ValvTect Ethanol Gasoline Treatment can help protect your boat’s engine from common marine issues.

ValvTect Diesel Guard Winter Fuel Additive

ValvTect offers a diesel fuel additive that protects against winter diesel fuel problems. This antigel formula contains proprietary wax crystal modifiers, cold flow improvers and wax anti-settling properties. ValvTect’s Diesel Guard improves a diesel engine’s winter performance and operability.

ValvTect Lubricity Improver Additive

ValvTect also offers a lubricity improver additive for ULSD fuels. Low lubricity fuels can lead to premature wear injectors and even pump failure. ValvTect® lubricity improver lubricates pumps and injectors to prevent premature wear. It also helps ULSD fuels exceed the current ASTM specifications for lubricity in diesel engines. Using ValvTect® lubricity improver can help your ULSD engine perform to its fullest potential and eliminate wear.