Mission & Values

Rogers Petroleum and its subsidiaries are leading distributors of wholesale fuel and other petroleum services in the Southeast. We offer programs and services to help your business grow. We strive for complete customer satisfaction throughout your entire purchasing and delivery experience. Let our knowledgeable and friendly employees assist you in meeting your petroleum needs.

At Rogers Petroleum, we make it easy to keep your business running efficiently. Our goal is to create sincere and long-lasting business relationships with our customers through outstanding customer service, a knowledgeable sales force and error-free, on-time delivery.

Our Vision is to delight our customers and be the envy of our competitors.

Our Mission is to drive sustainable growth by delivering an exceptional customer experience consistent with the following core values:

  • Integrity
    Integrity is the cornerstone of our long-term success. Our commitment to integrity is the foundation of our relationships with customers, employees, and business partners.
  • Stewardship
    We embrace our responsibility to the communities we serve. We are committed to protecting the public, our employees, and the environment by operating in a safe, reliable manner.
  • Accountability
    We accept personal accountability for our actions and results. Collectively, we are accountable for achieving results that enhance the value delivered to our customers, shareholders, employees and communities.
  • Customers
    Customers are the essence of our business. We have a relentless commitment to anticipating and satisfying our customer needs.
  • Employees
    We recognize that our employees are our most valuable asset. Employees possess immense powers of innovation, imagination, skill, and a desire for accomplishment. Working as a team enables all of us to realize our full potential.
  • Innovation
    We are committed to a culture of continuous improvement. We strive for long-term success and are willing to try new ways of enhancing our results. We embrace change as an essential part of improvement.
  • Passion
    We are passionate about our business, customers, employees, reputation, and improving our practices and results.